Pondering the Lulu Book

I have been thinking about this assignment I don't have to do...but plan on doing. I want to do a valentine book--cause it's a good idea, works as a mini promotional thing..and its saleable. It may take a little time...but worthy of having for a February goal. So, there is one. Another, is to take the existing dog pictures, create some spot illustrations..and layout the dog biscuit cookbook I wanted to do. Again, good promotional piece, art is mainly done, and it's saleable to individuals...and if I can make it...to possible bigger audience that may want to distribute it under their logotype. So, could represent a tiny bit of cash to the bottomline...not the nickle and dime stuff.

Then, there is the automatic writing--which right now is manifested in wildly decorated letters and numbers and skulls. In the last week I did about 5 skulls in the time creases of the day between jobs, during phone calls, while dinner is cooking. They just seem to spring up...So, there may be a book of these skulls--perhaps entitled "momentus mori"---Take them into the computer...see how I can tweak them...or are they just strong enough to be by themselves--some negative,some positive? Instead of limiting myself, I should let this thing run its course and see what happens. I am thinking that regardless of what happens, this idea of working toward a book completes a body of work in a nice way. Maybe not a final use thing...but an interesting use of both my abilities as a designer and the output of work as an illustrator. I could see a portfolio of these books. I could also see partnering with a printer once one of these was done, to co-promote our wares...much in the way of the good old days and the expensive and rich printed little publications on things from tin toys to walks in nature. Lusciously printed, precious designs. And partnerships with entities that could benefit from producing these things could be good. All seems attainable...

Live from SU on the subject of transcripts and diplomas:

"I have all of the orange folders, but haven't had a chance to go through them yet. If all of the paperwork is in order, I should be able to certify your degree within a couple of weeks. The actual diploma takes six weeks or so to arrive, but you can get a copy of your degree bearing transcript anytime after the certification by contacting the registrars office. Go here: http://registrar.syr.edu/students/transcripts.html for instructions.

I plan on waiting until Sept 10 to check with the registrar on the transcript. Need to do that to get further in my file with Hartford. I do not want to be tweaked by this group and plan to be very pointed in my verbal and written communications with them as there are former students that still are awaiting their diplomas. We did pay for this service...now all SU has to do is DO IT.

I am knotted up about being a speaker at the "Seminar" the graphic design, advertising and illustration students are required to attend. I am speaking in late November...and feel that once I just get rolling on putting a deck together and some words around the deck, it should be fine. I was told my story is about being a graphic designer in a small town...I think that story may morph into not about technology, the use of pdfs and fed ex--but the path of work, the type of work and thinking and how more is possible today than ever before. Another point is about always asking and learning. That is the key to growth, happiness and bettering the work. Andrew Carnegie's motto, "My Heart is in the Work" may surface. I just need to start the project and see what happens. The illustration segment from Whitney Sherman's request to see work should help as a starting point.

More illustration today. The pumpkin needs to be finalized and have type added in. The holiday card has resurfaced. The holly is still in the running. The eight other finalized illustrations are out (reason to get a stock thing happening with the ispot), and the client has put forth 4 directions they want to see developed by the end of the week. The Myers Weinberg (see last week's post) logotype is moving forward...add type/take other things away...but the illustration is going out there...

Small moves. More later