weekend antics

We attended a lovely 50th birthday yesterday. In one corner were the neighbors, another, all the beautiful, unselfconscious 15 year olders (I wish that was my world) and the other schamart, smart people tasting elegant wines and talking about recent an not so recent history like young geezers. We met the most amazing people from a known expert on "Bubble theory" and his engaging, interesting and smart wife who lives in the world of philosophy and semiotics (all way behind this low end IQ Q), a lovely man who makes his living with the buying and selling of fabulous vintage trailers/campers, to those who can really throw and target the right dart. The snapshot I carry in my head is peeking into a window and seeing my rather young, 6'.5" son wearing a post-it-note on his head declaring he is Britney Spears--and that he needs to figure that out according to no end to high school pulchritude....With this crowd, youth is not entirely wasted.

We saw "Becoming Jane"--those in the clan that have P&P memorized, we were crying. Those who didn't were asking their mom to see her indiglo watch to calibrate the time. That is the review. We LOVE jane.

Made a mess of food from the bank of leftovers here. Am feeling like the queen of creativity to empty dishes to make things people want to eat. Depression aesthetics..which, to be honest, I think is a tremendous thing. We shouldn't lose sight of the bounty we live in and on. It is appalling we take so much for granted.

R. goes to hot and fun Miami tomorrow. We are a tiny bit jealous...but high 90s with humidity goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAy beyond the call of duty. Deceber beckons with Art Basel Miami. And, I am not being the "wife" and staying home. K+A can handle the grandparents...plus, they now have CELL phones.

Did anyone register the fabulousity of the offerings from the Penultimate Apple?? The wonder of Iphoto and how it will change your world? I am frothing from the mouth. Iphone can wait until they figure out the more memory, less other stuff... We changed to AT+T with the express reason that we could change....

when we...

wanted to...

what a world we live in?!!

More tomorrow.