Tara's Production Blog

Tara McPherson created a step-by-step production blog of a screenprint she did with the Austin, Texas based Decoder RingDesign Concern. Check out both links. Enlightening. Like lightening! Thanks to Juxtapose for posting such an eye opener and paying attention to the import of understanding production as a way to good images...versus just the painting. You do not need to hear me rant on that. I did that last year about this time. I will need to give you another six months before I go off on production importance for illustrators. But, hush.

K and I love Tara and her work. And it seems, Tara Loves Her Work too. We just got a terrific book just on Tara and her work--showing the illustrations from rough sketch, to hard lines on trace to final paintings or screenprints. Very doable and understandable...and a real source of inspiration for K.

Tara McPherson Book