...before I forget

Cheryl Schaefer of Schaefer Yarns in Kelly's Corners (a hop and skip north of our little Tburg)is one of the people who are singular in their pursuits, world-class in their practice and product and are all round interesting and nice people. Cheryl and her husband Erich run Schaefer Yarns, an extrodinary collection of hand-dyed fiber in all sorts of shapes, hues, and colorways that are carried in the most chichi of yarn and knitting stores. For me, the color is striking, but the hand of these fibers are the thing that sets them out from the others. Just touching and working with these wonderful yarns is such a pleasant experienct, I just want to knit and knit and who cares what comes off the needles (not necessarily the best idea). Plus, the opportunity to see the collection of yarns and the places where they are washed, dyed and hung is magical as "who would have thunk" it was right here in our neighborhood. And the added extra is that Cheryl knows a ton and is happy to share ideas, patterns and bits and pieces of anything with you. When K and A were younger, they were fascinated with old keys--carrying them around, wearing them...and when Cheryl clued into this, she was offering keys to them as little gifts etc.

My favorite of all her yarns are Lola and Little Lola, a great 100% Merino Superwash which makes up into socks in a snap. Washable wool socks at that so you can really use them. Not wear them for special occasions --and then in my case, fold them in with all of the other laundry, and whooooops! Baby socks!.

There is another enterprise in Kelly's Corners only at this time of the year...The Schaefer Iris sale. If you follow the signs off of Rt.96 you will find yourself in front of a white house with the other side of the street buzzing. Rows upon rows of iris in bloom--every color and hue--surely inspiration for her fibers, that are ready to dig up and take home in plastic bags. Each plant is amazingly affordable (in the past, $5. a plant...a huge plant but who knows the price this year). But worth it...whatever it is as you can see the plant in bloom, they are mature and the iris I have are robust and blooming and needing to be split in the worst way. The Amish are the Schaefer's neighbors and often they have tables set up with baked goods and fruit (if the strawberries are in season) to fill your car with as well.

Its getting to be that time of the year for splitting and sales. Hosta and Daylilies are next.

Tomorrow, up to Ro-cha-cha for a pressrun. It will be great to get this big 64 pp. book off my desk and into the hands of happy readers. CDs for the Chokers are on the horizon too!

More later.