Thesis back to the mat. Scrapped 80% of it and back at it with a vengance. Nixed about 1/2 of the reference materials...and found out how we need to label and describe each image from our fearless leader (with a sharp stick poking him to get some understanding).Feel like I might be onto it. A note to all students, graduate, undergraduate and otherwise...It IS your job to ask all the questions. If you don't, you won't get the answers and therefore somehow, you will do the work in the wrong format, with the wrong direction etc. Teachers are notorious for not being specific. I guess, that is why they are so hallowed...as they are inscrutable or pre-alzheimers. Or both. Never giving. Only giving if poked hard. So, fellow students...start poking.The sooner this is done, the sooner I can make more pictures. I have a zillion birds and dogs and a budgie in the works..Was a dreary day on the lake. Saw a huge, great blue heron taking in the sights --and then lift off...they are so primoridal. Can't there be a link from the pterodactyl to the great blue heron? If the scientists can't do it...maybe we can create a little "six degrees of separation" diagram??

The daffodils have all gone. The peonies promise. The apple trees are fully in bloom. Shady was "playing" with a baby rabbit until K. had to separate them. Our six bird feeders were emptied in one week. Those damned birds are going to send me to the poorhouse....particularly a chubby grackle...and bluejay.