Sunny Saturday

The Rongovian Pound is beginning to fill up. Have been working on this poochie (to have a mistletoe ball when finished--(a xmas card for my doggie client) and I did something new today...(another duh! moment). I made a print of the file and started to work with a ballpoint on top to work into the color to reduce the big splotches of color prior to picking up the wacom pen and impulsively going at it. You know, plan your work, work your plan. Duh!

Beautiful day today. Coach Nick has the travel team out in the sunshine. We had 3 13 yr. old guys here flipping skateboards and making a racket early this a.m. They are gone after vaccum cleaning the cupboards.

The groundhogs are not happy as we have inaugurated the pour the litter box down the holes program to see if that drives them away. It would, me.