Let's turn it on it's ear

I love that phrase. So wierd. What does "turning something on it's ear" come from? What took it from an eccentric phrase to something eeeeeeveryone uses without context etc.

Let's turn Mother's Day on it's ear. Make the moms lay some guilt or thank their kids for letting them be mothers.

Here's a card. Imagine a robust mom with grey meat hair (the frightening perms that make your hair look like the swirly ground round you can see in trays at the butcher counter at your grocery store...in our case, Wegmans or the Tburg Shur Save). This mom with the hair has some poor Dennis the Menace kid smothered in her chest. The poem might read:

The Pill, Hysterectomies and in Vitro Fertilization,
I am sure glad you are my self- realization!

Thanks for letting me be your mom.

Think of the poems with smothering, hovering etc. Or the ever popular ditties on driving carpools or waiting up late for the phone to ring. The favorites around nagging and "you wouldnt be passing English if it weren't for me". Or the old song around picking up, laundry and the world of "your room". Imagine the possibilities.

Enough of this silliness. Worked on the marketing of the thesis work...all in a Microsoft table which in 10 pt. takes up a full page plus...and I am not done. But closing in on all fronts.
I am celebrating Mother's day working on my thesis and made some pretty photoshooty blueberry muffins as a quiet way to say that I am glad I am K and A's mom. They, of course, will not get it. But, because of them, I am a pretty good bake sale queen. Who would have thunk?