Very cool idea....

You all know how much I admire Steve Brodner. He is a very smart, well read and wonderful illustrator whose work is best recognized in the New Yorker for his very schmarty pants pictures he does focusing on the home team in Washington. He is also the author of the book, Freedom Fries,an overview of his work and viewpoint. He spoke to the SU folks in NYC--and I must admit, he was one of the singular people who spoke and dissected his approach to his content and work. He actually reads and outlines the galleys that are presented to him before working on the image. Imagine! I would say rare. And, he has a point of view. No kidding. He is also a teacher and discussed his techniques of communicating the import of sketching and drawing, essentially talking to yourself prior to submitting a sketch to the client. He does a version of the CF Payne, Teacup/Teapot project...only his is with the three bears and Goldilocks. So, get to the point, Q...!

So, Steve Brodner has on his Drawger homepage, a place to click to sign up for his "person of the day" (which he does anyway). It takes you to a Constant Contact page that you enroll on. Essentially, he is sending emailers daily to an established and growing list. He is creating his own new list and he is getting his work out for between $15-$50 bucks a month depending on how big his list is. Plus, the dude already does the picture daily anyway. Cut, paste, click, touch the customer or other illustrators daily. DAILY. This might be an approach the Academy of Fine Arts may want to employ on a monthly basis...too easy.

From April 12,2007 Steve Brodner on Drawger--Caption reading:
MARINE GENERAL JACK SHEEHAN. At least three candidates have turned down the White House as it searches for a “war czar” (as, I suppose, Bush, Cheney and Gates are otherwise occupied). One of the three, Gen. Sheehan said, “The very fundamental issue is, they don’t know where the hell they’re going. So rather than go over there and develop an ulcer and eventually leave, I said, “No thanks”.”