May Day!

First of May. I wish I had a glorious Botticelli inspired picture of the Muses or better yet, scantily clad young women dancing around a maypole. They would be joyously skipping and dancing in pastel colors--perhaps in front of admiring suitors, framed by garlands of flowers and ribbons. Very Marie Antoinette. Very frothy. Very May Day. I But I don't. I have this dumb, old Monkey showing us his teeth. He had absolutely nothing to do with May Day except in the wish that that old devil we call Mr. President is recognized today as the dumb monkey he is(AKA Commander Codpiece, thanks to our pal, Digby). Mission Accomplished take THAT. Deal with the inappropriate picture and message. R. claims I am grumpy because I didn't have any sleep. I didn't-- gosh darn it. I have to deal with it.

Dinner at Simply Red was nice--and far less wild than the former iteration. The Sheldrakers are delighted and clap to the music. Food is pretty much the same. Beautiful night with a full moon. Maybe that was the problem. It has been in the past.

Noticed that the ISpotter from the Ispot was looking at my blog--and it has prompted me to get going on putting some new work up. First thing today. Right after I talk to you. I will do the same with I am really questioning whether either one of them have any import as I have had exactly one inquiry from each one...resulting in absolutely no work. I can buy a lot of postcards for $1,000. There is some positive spin from the ISpot as they have strategic alliances and buying deals on advertising and lists and stuff. And, you can see traffic to your page...but if it ends up being a big old goose's $700+/- that is not recooped. Portfolios is cheaper and the owner is very optimistic and cheery but no tracking,no offers--no sense of forward movement. And did I say, no work also? Any insight from anyone out there? So, click on the link at the top of the page to see the new stuff. I think I will even put up the Steuben masterblaster as an example of stuff--new stuff.

Either that...or I need to face the fact that was presented to me in college to "never, ever become an illustrator--you just don't have it" (Thanks, Mark Mentzer--albeit its only been about 30 years--too bad I don't have any baggage!!(it must be the lack of sleep)). I am a psychotic mess.

Also, am thinking about hiring a friend of mine to work with me on thinking about databases, file nomenclature etc. to best use my storage and filing my illustration work to evolve to the complete data file from the decade I have been "The Luckystone". With that, hopefully, will evolve a website for illustration and graphics that I can keep current by pouring content in without having to ootse the design every step of the way. If I keep it clean, that's all that matters.

Gotta go put the new images up. Maybe later?