New Week

Spring is definitely here. Daffodils and narcissus coming up. The five hundred bulbs that were planted last fall are beginning to look like something...albeit a dent given the scale of the whole operation. More need to be ordered now along with snapshots taken of where everything is planted so as to get ready for fall. I hope the deer didnt eat the allium (fifty planted) as their gigantic purple heads would be quite nice and remarkable in the close-in landscape. Here are my favorite bulb websites:

John Scheepers>>
: Scheepers is terrific but smaller quantities. More a normal type of order. Same terrific quality.

Van Engelen>> Big volume. Terrific prices. Their collections are great prices, high quality bulbs. Lots of bang for the buck. It saddens me that the local deer population eat tulip bulbs like smokey almonds and snack mix. However, as you all know, deer do not adore narcissi and daffodils. We put in a couple of big collections, kind of the "generic" daffodils and then a bunch of different small cupped narcissi
which are quite fragrant and delicate. We put the Edna Earl's in. Def. more of those next year. And the allium smell like onions which is not a deer turn on, or the damned ground hog yum-yums.

Off to the new Simply Red at Sheldrake Point Winery for country night and live music. Sam Izzo is back in business in a new and exciting location with lunch and brunch and a few evenings for dinner. I think she has a tiger by the tail with this one. The local Sheldrakers are thrilled as we finally have a restaurant we can take our friends to--and have a wonderful evening that is real cooking versus "live from the Sisco truck" frozen food. Hazelnut Kitchen has opened in Tburg. And, from what I hear, they are doing a nice job too. So, lots of choices locally beyond the wonders of Danos on Seneca and the Stonecat. Lots of choices and all lining up to open prior to Cornell's and Ithaca College's graduation.