still here

This little drawing was inspired by a sign on a ladies room door at a cuban restaurant in Miami. There was a little man too. Am cranking a few of these out...they are cute. Love the blockiness and the vienese style flowers match up surprisingly well.

Had a nice meeting with a client today--introducing her to a longterm friend and printer friend--and has a nice lunch together too. Big plus meeting.

Tip of the Day:

If you are someone who has been holding off having postcards printed (of work, of pictures, of family shots) cause ponying up the $100 +/- was just a whisker too much...this one is for you!! PS Print has until the 30th, 500 full color (4c/1c) over 1 color for about $60 (with shipping!!)Go here>> I am sizing a bunch like crazy--and need to get a business card too. Have finally run out of my small stack.

Finishing up graphics for the new cd from the Chicken Chokers "007". The Chokers are reconvening after many years apart with great style and confidence that time and experience bring. You can hear a few cuts from "007" at their MySpace. They are going to the Blue Heron Festival and GrassRoots Festival this summer. I hope to get a handful of cds and send them as a nice nice to my clients (with my chicken!!). The whole choker thing feels very energetic and new...and ready to launch. Might happen. I hope so. More later.