Back again.

It's hard to imagine we were in Miami only seven short days ago. We came back to snow and cooler weather. The daffodils have been dug out and are beginning to pop...and we have a bunch on the dining room table to signal spring.

The shot above is one view of the "biggest hotel pool in the continental US" at the glamorous Biltmore. It is a full 180˚ your line of vision. Impressive and so select, there are only a limited group of folks sitting in chairs watching the water unlike the Bal Harbor insanity where beach chairs, towels and cabanas are all claimed by 8:30 in the morning. The cabanas at the Biltmore are rooms by the opposite side of the pool nested under the terrace and each area separated by full length, tan cotton draperies tied up that separate one cabana from the next. Simple, very residential furniture decorates each space--and the sheer distance and quiet these spaces project are totally opposite of the Morris Lapidus insane little tents at the Bal Harbor. To spend time at the Biltmore would be a restful and lovely time as it is a timeless resort in a beautiful community. Now, it would just be a question of how to pay for it!

Hollywood Beach view
We had an opportunity to visit the clean and unexpected Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. It had a wonderful beach with mild water up by the Lighthouse--and we waded in to walk in the tepid, turquoise water. It was a lovely afternoon. Then, we drove to Hollywood FL to spend the night prior to our early morning flight to Newburgh. Hollywood was unexpected. The beach up there is much like the east coast beaches--cooler, more violent waves and tides--with a boardwalk with restaurants and stores tumbling out onto the beach. Not ticky tacky but nice..."regular". Hollywood is pretty cool as it is probably more like Miami before it "popped"--with neighborhoods, tiny motels and restaurants that have the indoor/outdoor thing--little living rooms that tumble out of the restaurants-clinging to the corners of the stores --inviting you in. Hollywood was a surprise I hope we can explore at another time.

Spent the better part of Sunday on my thesis paper which has been a very introspective process and through the process I decided to incorporate the burkas with the birds to talk about the development of a personal style. I think I could wrap up the writing in about a week or so and another week to get the visuals in place. Ordered a dozen Nielsen Bainbridge Trefalgar poster frames yesterday and need to prep my files to get the prints done. Everything is going to be 24" x 36". Nice and bold.

Discovered Sunday that the Academy of Fine Arts is a link on SharpDraw, terrific site dedicated to the discussion of pens and art supplies--in a very salient, insightful, and well written manner. Check em out.