First Day of Spring

Imagine! We have lots of crusty snow with no hope of hellebore, primrose or daffodils. But it is, the first day of spring. The first day of spring can either be the 20th or 21st based on when the vernal equinox is.

Well,here is a new thought. I did a little research yesterday after my bags were lost twice and I experienced all sorts of delays, postponements and hassle by the airlines to find out really what the airlines are obliged to do. Each airline is it is best to check your carrier before you leave and (heres the new idea)--output the information to carry with you on your trip. That gives you the ammo to wave at the customer service or gate person who claims they can't or won't do anything for you. Just getting a voucher to spend the night was like pulling teeth for me. And I overheard some poor fellow who got off a delayed flight and missed his connection (a back water like me). The USAirways representative offered him the discount rate they had at a local hotel. Punto. From what I learned, they were good for meal vouchers, transportation (if the hotel didnt offer it) and a room at the Airlines choice and expense. They hide the information-- but worth looking for it. Here are a few that I could dig up. You get the idea:

Here is the USAirways "Customer Service Plan">>

JetBlue's Customer's Bill of Rights>>

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Commitment>>

United Airline's Customer Service>>

Take a look. Get some output.

More later>>