Party planning

We are having the cast and crew from the Charles O Dickerson High School's production of Oklahoma for pizza and shopping cart junk food late on Friday. We are setting up a dance room, a gathering room and an eating room. Should be fun. I have been goading my kids to have a big party and take advantage of this big house...and they have finally decided to take me up on my offer. Should be sixty or so kids...and a goosey mom suggested we might have drunk party crashers. Dim me. We can push them off the porch or better make them talk to me while I stuff them full of food. I pity the fools (to quote Mr. T.). Should be fine. Tburg has great kids.

Had some nice converations about the ISDP/MA Illustration program at Hartford yesterday. Am very serious about doing the "F" in 2008. It would definitely be a good way to cap off this MA--with better critiques, an opportunity to focus down on the work/the style, and new methods of work...and although it is harder, I think I am ready. Hartford is attracting a wonderful group of students...really talented and quite diverse. Seemingly far more serious about the work, and their work to be specific.Having the entrepeneurial push would be good too.

Gotta go to reschedule some teeth appointments due to overscheduling in the p.m. for Mr. Quarrier.>>