Thanksgiving dinner is in the oven. Somehow the feast that never happened is going to happen tonight. I have two turkey breasts, two pans of stuffing (one in the fridge), cranberries and some vegetables. To load on the carbs, I made up a bread pudding in a springform pan which as always, worked like a charm, looked good and the crowd devoured at least a half of the 12" round.

Even got much of Christmas wrapped and boxed. All we need are labels and badabing. Done. Set up my 36" white feather tree I bought last week (knowing I would get throughly teased and tortured by the home team)--from a junky craft store. Looks really good, chic. They all liked it. We decorated our chandelier with all these Mary Blair inspired ornaments along with twirly ribbons and beaded tassels. Nutty...but cool. I even had a pink glass cake stand for dessert. It was very festive and not ponderously HOLIDAY-ish.

We have snow. Enough snow to have the driveway plowed. So, its for real. Forecasts predict possibly enough snow to cancel school should the front come our way. Makes sense for the poor retailers who have been waiting for things to pick up what with the mild weather and warm breezes.

However, Miami is just a stone's throw away. I am going down on the corporate plane (a jet!) with a small group of 3. We are leaving around 11:30 --nonstop--getting into Miami around 2:30. There are all sorts of talks, galleries and fun...and then the opening party and event which should be great. Our pal Steve, from CMoG and our cruise will be down there as a resident expert...he has plans for casual seafood...and of course, there is the land of Tiki. If there is a minute, I would love to see the Wolfsonian prior to leaving. If not, I don't think this will be the last shot we will have at it. I am curious to see how Biskup, Baseman, Shepard Fairey are shown. R. says the Luz de Jesus is there. I wonder if the Levine gallery from NYC will be there? All to learn. I am not taking the big sketchbook, but a little one...and travelling with discretion...and lots of batteries for my camera. And my Powerbook to send you the updates. We come back on Sunday late via JetBlue to Syracuse (I think one of their direct flights)--so should be good.

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More later.