just your average Saturday pre-holiday blitz

Today we finally had real snow. Snow that stuck to the ground...not the lovely floaty, mothlike snow that promises winter or spring depending on where you are on the calendar. We tied up all sorts of loose ends here from further plans for the demolished facade on the carriage house to wrapping the odd present and sealing up the boxes for shipping. After signing K up for a type of dance called, Caili (sp>?) (pronounced Kale-lee) which is an irish style of dancing with a group with group figures, R and I went down to the Cornmira Horseflats area to check on CMoG stuff and then attend the annual Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) Studio sale. It was sublime.

First off, we visited this wonderful and "Twin Peaks"-y place called the holding point. This is a series of serious storage spaces where the solid and true Larry Orr, Signpainter to the stars was applying vinyl graphics of my logotype for the GlassLab to the GlassLab which was hours away from being packed up for Art Basel Miami (which, dear friends, yours truly is going as Mrs. Cassetti, insider, spy, blogger and aspirational artist--and you all will get a dose of....the powerbook is going, and so, are you!! Get your suits ready as the surf beckons as does art with a capital A).

The Museum has also announced a collaboration with Celebrity Cruise Lines:

At The Corning Museum of Glass, our mission is to engage, educate and inspire visitors and the community through the art, history and science of glass.

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Celebrity Cruises that helps us further achieve that mission. Beginning December 2008, the cruise line’s new ship, Celebrity SolsticeSM, will feature the Hot Glass Show, providing this hot glassmaking educational experience to guests the world over.

Outreach beyond Corning, New York to a group of people that might not usually get the glass experience--up close and personal.  It will be wonderful.

More later>>