look out.

 If we talk about the bodily remains and the spirit that departs--the remains and the departed in another way it can get really perplexing or interesting.  And memory might feed into this too.  The remains have no value after the life force or spirit has departed. It is parked or put to  "rest" as if asleep, commemorating that this life happened and that life is remembered (a memory)by those that were effected, changed, or related to that person, that body, that spirit.

So, what happens in the cyber world? We all have personalities and presences without physicality derivative of our cyber communities, relationships, experiences and creativity. We can be the people we are in the real world, or we can be poseurs--assuming an alternative disguise or avatar. We can live in those personalities, developing our cyber lives and when we die or pass on, the servers can or might continue to distribute our ideas and writing we had created during our lives. Does this become memory? or it is life? There may be remains (those e-bills and e-mails, the reciepts and paperwork that are assigned to life transactions) but the spiritual continues to exist. The only way to pass on is to have the server fail and the technology to become antiquated. Then your work and ideas become memories or are they memories the day after they are written? Puzzling.