Primanti's for Lunch

Then, off to Primanti's for lunch. We were going to go the original in the Strip distict, but decided given the time and day, that it would be a madhouse--so we opted for the Oakland branch. Primanti's is a sandwich shop that started in the Strip district where all the trucks would come and unload all the produce and groceries at the warehouses. It would (when I was in college) open a bit after midnight--and it was a wild time to go down to the Strip for a sandwich. What they excel at beyond a totally greasy morsel is the gummy white bread with whichever filling you would like (our runaway favorite is Capicola, egg and cheese) and then strategically stack french fries (freshly cut and fried--very meaty) and top with a large dollop of cole slaw and top with another gummy piece of white bread. The whole thing is smashed down a bit and cut in half. It looks like a cross section of a wonderful geological form--with the square ends of the french fries facing you and all the other squiggles and chunks promising an extrordinary stomach bomb that will either delight or kill you.

Thankfully, I am still alive! The home team delighted in this extravaganza with A eating 1.5 sandwiches and K doing justice to hers. After this fun, we split the group. K and R were going to try and see the "Bodies" show at the Carnegie Science Center. I couldnt begin to imagine my dreams with those images happily floating though, so A and I walked the strip and shopped the Steelers gear (which all Pittsburghers revel in ) to find some stuff for A. I mean they have everything. Yellow or black pocketbooks with a players number on it. Checkbook covers, hats, teeshirts, jackets all in numerous styles and orientations. To be quite honest, to be a true Burgher, one should wear Steeler gear from the top of your head to the tips of your toes daily. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. And we arent just talking outerwear> There are steeler marked sodas and beers, black and gold chips....even Steelers food (the locals call them the Still- Lers ie "You'uns goin' dawn tawn to see the Still- lers?")