Oakmont Bakery

Oakmont Bakery Hours:
531 Allegheny Avenue Monday–Saturday: 6am–7pm
Oakmont, PA 15139 Sunday: 6am–3pm

Yesterday before we left Pittsburgh to come home, we stopped by the Oakmont Bakery I spoke so glowingly about the last trip to the 'Burgh. I must say, they only get better. First off, they were all ready for the next holiday with cakes with pointsettias and red and green jimmies on the racks upon racks of cupcakes offered. I went a bit nuts with the camera and took a load of pictures of the place as it was so much of a Wayne Thiebault moment, it was hard to even think straight.

First off, they have this enormous creche, nativity scene below the number that is displayed in order to have counter time. Then, there are miles of cookies, icing, white flour, butter, and sugar configured with jelly, fruit, nuts, jimmies and the rest of the stuff that make up good days in Kindergarten, a birthday, wedding or anniversary, or just making a nice party even nicer. And from visiting the Oakmont Bakery, it is amazing to see the amount of pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies,bread, rolls and the like sold. People are cheek to jowl waiting for their turn to place their orders and get their white bags and boxes of wonderfulness. We partook too....to K and A.s delight...with my camera snapping away. There are pictures in these images. To visit more of the Oakmont Bakery, you can visit this album on Flick'r>>

More later on our purchase.