mulling over ideas

Back from the House of Health. Car in the shop. Snowtires, balancing, registration, oil change. All done by noon, they promise. Tikis on the drawing board. Overhead doors ordered. Need to provision for our trip. And the poochita considerations need to happen. She is covered for December...she will be bunking with her pals, the australian cattledogs and their person. All is good there. They are promising us around an inch of snow today. There were cars with ice on their windshields this morning.

Spent the better part of yesterday gritting out the slide show for the stoonts at SU. Its coming along nicely...and its in a place I can fully begin to understand the beginning, middle, end with conclusions. Phew. It takes a ton of time to save down illustrations to bitmaps and then sock them into the powerpoint format. Erich is going to gather a bunch of office stuff...but the interesting parts are when illustration happened. Looks real sparkly. Good to do. Powerpoint is a stiff and not too fun program though.

If I were running the world, I would have each grad. student (in an illustration or design program) show a half an hour of whatever interests the other students as a way of introducing themselves, and making them get a grip with this presentation thing. Now that I have spent the time, I can see a series of presentations that could stem off of this presentation that tells a story further. Its a good exercise. I assume everyone is a bit untried with this sort of thing...and you know, as soon as the degree happens, things happen and you need these tools and skills. Time consuming...but good.

Working on some tikis. Only have to get him done by the end of the month. I am making them way over complicated. I did, however, discover some fab tiki related sites:

> Tiki related hats>> "Fez O Rama"
> London Luau: June 6-8, 2008
> London Laua art
> Lots of excitement around Tiki Oasis:
(lookee is a sponsor as well as Trader Vic, The Tiki Lounge and a bunch of liquor brands...)
check out their links page...interesting Vendors...makes you think.

More later>>