what to do

Man. Busy times! I need to get on the Syracuse talk. I was lackadaisical about the talk until yesterday when I decided I would talk about what gets me out of bed in the morning versus "this is what I do". Yes, I will prove that I am a graphic designer and show a range of stuff. Then, I will talk about boredom and the random decision to go to Syracuse for illustration.I will show the SU illustration segue-ing from one group of birds to dogs to .... Then I will get into the world of death. Why not? As a few of my friends and clients have pushed me when asked what I should talk about...they always circled back on how I like to take things and make them into something else...and MM does that, focuses my work, will evolve into all sorts of things (maybe including tikis) and the illustration and design will take on a life and audience of it's own. Cool. Right? From someone's mom... All R suggests is platinum hair and a few tattoos and I would be in there swinging(and he is partially serious). However, with some Ray Orbison glasses and Laurie Anderson hair...that might be a closer option. I am thinking Ray Orbison even more than the hair. So, I need to rejigger the slides I have and add...along with sources of inspiration as well (yippee!).

Need to get the holiday party invites in the mail. Done from a design, printing and cutting standpoint. Ditto on presents. Need to get the client to please finalize their holiday card as no one wants a card after Jan1.

Working on Tikis for 2300 degrees at CMOG (note:all the cards on this link were designed by yours truly) for January. It is really fun, and this ink technique is looking way good. R. got an effusive voicemail from an artist who saw my work at the 171 Cedar Street Holiday "Cafe" Sale. I want to meet him and his wife as they are engaged in the world of Tiki and attend the shows in San Diego and London. If my work is suited for that, the concept of making a big body of work on the topic and going to these shows is very appealing. First, I need to understand what it really is...is it a state of mind? is it a particularly American state of mind? who are the kings of tiki? Beyond Trader Vics and my ultimate favorite Tiki reference, the Tiki Room at Disneyland--where is the center of this universe? What is the imagery? Where does Spollen fit in? He has hotrods in with the tikis and topless babes? Where does Shag fit in? More to learn. Can I fit the tikis in with the Imps of Death? Maybe?

More later>