Sources of Inspiration: Part One

Here goes. So, we discovered the wonders of Redondo Beach. You probably know them all, so I won't bore you with all the details...although there is plenty to talk about and I am sure it will sneak in with other posts. But today, I wanted to talk about the wierd and wonderful little arcade they have at Redondo Beach (under the parking garage) which, from my perch, is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for many of the "happening" low brow dudes making names for themselves these days. K, A and I visited this arcade early in the morning on a weekday. It was open but the lights were barely on--and it was very very strange. They had an entire tilt a whirl visible from the entrance--and as one proceeded deeper and deeper, the odd, the old and the italian (always the best and most strangely styled rides and attractions) became more and more pervasive. There were rows upon rows of the money game that often middle aged ladies sit in front of--with a wide bar that moves back and forth (often with a lot of silver money on it) and more money on the tabletop. I have no idea how it works and have puzzled over it. There were rows upon rows of old fashioned skee ball (sp?). There were video driven games. And to my delight, there were art installations! The image at the top was a game that one throws balls and knocks down these little guys. I have never seen this sort of styling for this type of game. What were these things? Where did they come from? My only exposure to these mini, hair framed, punching bags was here>>

Joe Ledbetter>>

Tim Biskup>>
Circus Punks>>

You get the idea. Where the hell have I been? I guess, the east coast.
Better late than never.