01.08.07-2 from the sketchbook

Faber Castell Pitt pen, Pilot Precise V5 pen, Moleskine large sketchbook.
Drawn watching the less than fabulous Henry VIII on PBS last night. It is amazing that Henry was crowned, married 6 times, beheaded 2 wives, established the Church of England, and managed to joust, write music and send a lot more people to their deaths in three short hours. The styling was wierd--kind of gold leafed romance book covers/bodice rippers combined with fantasy concubine love bedrooms--a far cry from the filth, dirty stumpwork and embroidered encrusted hangings,smelly darkness that was closer to the truth. I would have expected this drama from A&E or Lifetime (where the junky women stuff resides) but not PBS. Where is the world coming to?