More New Years Cards

Can you tell I got a dose of this stuff in LA? Inspired by the skateboard, surfer graphics I saw in Hermosa Beach and at the great stores such as Hurley (HSS), Roxy and Quicksilver down on Huntington Beach--and of course, on every living breathing Californian walking down the street. The best was this great jacket--heavily embroidered with roses (Mexican and tattoo inspired) on the front, and this great skull with lettering that would have made Joseph Crawhall happy, saying Carpe Diem. I was begging Kitty to let me buy it for her with many polite brush offs from her. So, I had to start drawing this stuff to get it out of my brain and onto the paper. I love the flowers in the eyes. Marigolds, I think are the original inspiration, but they were more like daisies on this marvel of a jacket.

More to come!