Hurray for jetBlue!

We just had our first jetBlue experience. It was beyond wonderful. First off, its very easy to make reservations, to see costs etc. online. The day before your trip, an email is sent to you confirming reservations and encouraging you to print your boarding passes before even getting to the airport. All great. Then, upon getting to the airport, everything is chop chop with the bag check in etc. and away you go. There is DirectTV and in some cases XM radio. jetBlue offers free headsets with a $1. surcharge to improve the quality a little. Many of the coast to coast folks came on board with way macho, expensive headsets around their necks like little chincilla scarves, ready to plug in. So, the entertainment can't get any better. They are constantly cleaning up, offering food and water and drinks as you go. Everything sparkles. The whole feel of the flight reads like IKEA or the Apple store, kind of "we are serious about the work we do--and want to do it well--but with humor in a everyman type of way"--If the television is not going--there are cute little screensavery things that say " You look good in Leather" (as in their seats) or "Shhh! You are our favorite customer. Don't tell anyone!" Pointing up what is important to them--in a memorable and fun way. Every plane has a blue name--on the front of the plane--with different blue on blue patterns on the tails, on the uniforms, on the screensavers....on the floors of the terminals, fabrics and printed materials.The sushi bar has blue name at JFK. They have a day spa along with a little mini grocery store for carry-on lunches for the longer flights that are healthy, fun and a treat without succumbing to fried food, pizza or the regular make you feel bad food that the airport normally pushes. When we arrived at the cute little Long Beach airport, they opened both the front and the back of the airplane and let us exit both ways into the brilliant sunlight, warmth and palm trees Southern California promises. From the moment we entered the world of jetBlue, our vacation officially started versus the normal time of being jostled and hassled by the other, more "corporate" airlines--who build stress and struggle into their program. It was fun, fast, hassle free. We started on time, and got to our destination on time and in the case of coming back, actually made time.

jetBlue is the beginning of our travelling a lot this year. Hello Miami!!