more on the holidays, less time for me!

A bit rushed today as I had a quick request to am-scray down to Tboro, NJ to meet with my great client. Not much here. up at 2:30 a.m. and didn't go back to sleep but churned through a nice little process document about how one makes a publication or a graphic design...approvals,changes, reviews,etc. Am psyched that I have that insto-chango "Dryel" to do a little home drycleaning in the dryer (if you don't have this stuff, its a must...albeit it is so "magic" that i am fearful it will at some point give you a dreadful and fatal disease) to be partially presentable. Maybe I'll even brush my hair. Working up on our little plateau with the tribe of Rainbow beings and shaggies, one forgets to pull it together and look like a person.

The ornament is another non-holiday, holiday card with a "global" theme. I am fearful that it is too Christmassy as it is an likely to be dinged.