final pumpkin

Glorious blue sky, puffy white clouds, brilliant light day on our little plateau. The weekend sported some pretty amazing storms coming in from the west that kicked up for real whitecaps on Cayuga Lake. Pretty quiet here--clients sending us a lot of work work turn pretty fast. No news on the holiday cards. Or the PC holiday, nonholiday cards...whichever is picked. The bulb company (!!click here) called the other day to confirm my ginormous order of way over 500 narcissus bulbs that I ordered in the bliss of spring--anticipating the next. We are getting narcissus, daffodils and those lovely stinky allium to naturalize. I think I am going to hire the local population of 14 year olds to lean into it with me. Your thinking?

The pumpkin/ Harvest graphic is for the October 19th 2300˚ event at the Corning Museum of Glass. 2300˚ is an event filled with daring do with hot glass, a cool (more often than not) local group of musicians and sometimes a show opening or special hands on thing for people to partake in. The 2300˚ events have been featured as a significant, local "thing to do" and well worth the trip if you are nearby. You never know what is going to happen. Learn more>