This makes it all make sense

I love this stuff and thought you might enjoy the read too. I believe this really speaks for itself. Some of the descriptions and nomenclature is positively hilarious and quite Victorian. What is Odzee?

University of North Carolina Press Summary of the text:
Despite its widespread popularity in antebellum America, phrenology has rarely been taken seriously as a cultural phenomenon. Charles Colbert seeks to redress this neglect by demonstrating the important contributions the theory made to artistic developments in the period. He goes on to reveal the links between the tenets of phrenology and the cultural ideals of Jacksonian democracy.

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Find out what PHILOPROGENITIVENESS is. Find these:INHABITIVENESS,ADHESIVENESS, ALIMENITIVENESS,VITATIVENESS. Lovely words with a large, eighteenth century flourish.

Not much here. Slugging away on thises and thats...plugged into left wing political talk podcasts--getting my blood pressure up about the state of the world and George Allen of Virginia. I hope we see some change in November. We all sure need it.

Image from S. Wells, New Physiognomy, or Signs of Character..., NY, 1871. Copy is from a Boston College Phrenology and Fine Arts page for our education, edification and most of all, entertainment!