Pumpkin Leaf

As you can see, I have been monkeying around with a single color job (or two) with pumpkins. Interesting investigation. Need to do more. Dreary today. Lots of exclaiming in the paper about the extent of our rain...(lots). The apple harvest will be bumper. Am churning away on illustration and assignments for SU. Also did some research on nailing down the possibility of offering CPR to any high school student (costs etc) all seems very do-able. Need to move that forward a peg today.

Found a really nice history of illustration blog (beyond the fantabulous Leif Peng's Today's Inspiration--truly an inspiration--the ideas, the writing and Leif's great collection of images from all sorts of sources from ebay to yard sales):

100 Years of Illustration from Paul Giambarba, a former art director with Polaroid. This blog shows a selection of beautiful images--trending towards painting and art. It is a sweet oasis. Paul also has a cool blog about the branding of Polaroid from 1957-1977. Nice. He talks about this process in a nice and personal way--bringing the personal light that is often lost in discussions about branding etc. Take a look.

Shady was chasing cherry tomatoes yesterday. The progression from pinecones > buckeyes > acorns > and now tomatoes is pretty amazing.The only thing she doesnt eat completely is the pinecone. All else are snacks.

It is impressive to see the cherry tomatoes bounce bounce bounce down our big flagstone walks with this black shot springing behind it. Maybe more of this fun today.