The weather has cooled down and we are using blankets on our beds at night. The trees are turning that almost fall tone of olive. I am sneezing because of the goldenrod, big mustard colored plumes that grace the highways. And our other harbinger of change, the amazing hosta, have their stems with trumpeting, fragrant white flowers almost ready to burst forth. The thoughts of back to school seem very real and with that, the change in our schedule and new requirements and demands that the school will impose.The bridge from summer to fall has begun.

I am thinking long and hard about this business plan. I tried putting a pencil to it yesterday and ended up with a paper filled with stupidity. So, I will give it a shot today.

Holiday cards on the plan along with some branding stuff. Good news with the products we submitted to another client. Four pieces were accepted. The sunface is almost done and looks great. There is a lot of buzz around that. As soon as there are pictures, I will put them up.