John James Audubon

This website is beautiful and poetic from a group of talented and inspired Canadians. Go through it for the artwork (wow!) and how this team carved up the static prints into a lively look at the art and environment. They also have great links to get more information about Audubon, his work, his life etc. I love JJA and how he distilled the moment down to simple images, beautifully designed on the page. He does not shy away from his design...sometimes twisting or pulling the birds to really sit in the picture frame in a bold and agressive way. I did see his watercolors (which, my expectation was very high) and was saddened by their roughness but strong design still there.

We saw two pilated woodpeckers in a dead tree yesterday. Our neighbor claims we have a bear in the backyard. Evidence, she acknowledges, is berry seed laden skat. We hope he takes a little stroll over to Grassroots to dance and sing with the hairies over there. He would blend in.

John James Audubon, Night Herons