a new beginning

I remember when presstype was the end-all, be-all of the world. It was going to put all the graphic designers out of business. Now, we have MSWord and Powerpoint doing absolutely the same thing. I don't think its eliminating the need for designers and even more so, illustrators. The work has just gotten different. I remember the first Mac I worked on, one of those 5.5" screen towers with 512K. Word processing was a miracle--but the concept of actually designing on one of those things was a sheer fantasy. Now, no fantasy. Reality. And happily so.

The web was a miracle too. Not so, now. It is just a medium that delivers the mail...the content. And even more wonderful are blogs as it is an everyman solution to the web--a media or delivery system that even the simplest, most tech backward folks are leaping in with both feet. My new clients have been getting blogs with scans of my sketches posted for them and they LOVE it. It is fast, direct and they can access it even as they travel. And, they think I am doing something special for them...which, maybe I am...but it works for both of us, gets us to a solution faster and its fun!. No fantasy. Reality. And happily so.

Hot like an oven here.