a present from a micologist friend!

Our friend, Steve has many diverse hobbies from hunting, wine making, dog training, cooking, fishing and much more. His most engaging and interesting is mushroom hunting. He does it on his own and with a group of fellow hunters in the Binghamton area. Last weekend, he was on the lookout for morels with the Binghamton group--all of them fanned out, combing an area. A member of the group, an older lady, is known for her ability to always surface a bag of morels or two. She proved her skills again, coming back with several baskets. Steve, I guess, took this as a challenge.

So, on his way back from the hunt, looking under dead Elm trees (which the lady let on was her technique)--Steve found his own basket or two. And we are the recipients of his bounty.

Arent they beautiful?

Kinky Bootswas great. Not a heavy movie, but sweet and lasting. If you don't catch it in the movie theatre, it will be a good rental.

Tonight, a concert with Princess Kitty singing. 2300˚ in Corning so Rob will be running around for this. Big doings there with Ken Butler (a wonderful artist we saw at Light in Winter this January, and also artist in residence with MassMoca), Big Leg Emma playing music and tons of food for the regular crowd, but also for the LPGA guests. Should be fun.