my apologies

Your friend has been a bit busy with making pictures and graphics for work to keep up with daily chat etc. However, the attached is a beginning of an image of 2 of the San Francisco Painted Ladies on Alamo Square(?) Park(?)--that will be rendered (hopefully) with a western meadowlark--a birdhouse idea. Working with architecture is interesting...I'm not so sure about the success of it. From yesterday, you can see that I am doing a little research into dodo birds--for political reference, for bird reference etc. I've learned quite a bit about them...too dumb to flee from invaders bringing disease, dogs and pigs...and their teeny little silly wings, incapable of lifting them off the ground. And what about that wispy toufta that is the tail?

Gotta go. Going to see (on a school night!!) the last night of "Kinky Boots".