Back from a wild night out

Well, the Hot Club of Rongovia was good and very sweet. Lively group--with many of the tried and true Rongovians doing a little guest spot singing to bring it all a little closer to home. We had drinks and chips there with a new best friend. It was great...felt like we were on vacation in our own hometown. Then, over to the Pourhouse for some music full of energy and Tburg "family".The Pourhouse group was younger and just as tight...and they were so into their work and music that the floor shook as the music rang out. It was charming with the lead violin and his inciente partner singing sweetly together while this old shrew anticipated the first year with their first. Car seats, diapers, late nights and learning what patience really is! Certainly, a lot of learning together! What a great way to go into the future, singing! It was great to have such huge choices literally within the same block.

How lucky are we?!