Rongovian Hot Foot Club

In the hamlet of Rongovia, tonight at the Embassy--the Rongovian Hot Foot Club will be performing. As noted on the site:

"free , 6-9pm , Performing classic compositions in the spirit of Django Reinhardt, originals by Dave Davies and the best of the Blues Age. Harry Aceto- Guitar Dave Davies - Guitar, Trombone, Vocals Doug Robinson - Guitar, Vocals Eric Aceto- Violin Brian Earle - Clarinet Jim Sherpa - Washtub Bass or .Bernie Upson - Upright Bass"

The Acetos are wonderful--and worth the trip--plus with all the other musicians, it promises to be great music in a small town, tonight!

Picture is a crop of a gouache sketch for my SF Saint Francis. He is very dour and inspired by the stellar byzantines. It is, however,unfortunate that he looks somewhat like Mr. Bin Laden (not a patron saint of San Francisco).