New things

Just signed up to show a portfolio at see how it runs against the ispot. Both have value. One is more expensive than the other...and it seems that might have a few more bells and whistles that could sweeten the deal. We will see. Got a phonecall literally out of the blue today for a nice job at the big educational institution nearby...but I will not jinx it..but, fingers crossed, it could be cool. I think Erich and I are up to it.

Did I tell you about Erich's blog? He is doing it with his very funny friend Dave. There are several story lines going along with comic strips and my favorite, the "Million Dollar Ideas". Check out the unicorn!

Itchy to get this paper done -- the last one, that is. It's supposed to be on something that inspires you. I am going with Birds. Must show images. Did a sweeping surf and got all sorts of gems and I have some of it holding...just need a thumbnail outline and go! l try to engage today. It was time consuming doing the portfolios work which isn't adding up to moving the ball forward re the Syracuse work. Hopefully..

Check out his fun project> Inspiring submissions!