they say SNOW on Friday

Discovered a new illustator yesterday. He is Ronald Kurniawan. His work is wonderful, combining letters and symbols with these surrealistic backgrounds in a dreamy and thought provoking way. Expert in jumblessums it all up. Take a look. I love the way letterforms pop up--either 2 dimensionally or 3 dimensionally--merging with the picture or overwhelming the image as if they are transformers or science fiction leviatians. His palette is very somber and sophisticated. His drawings are lovely and expressive with fish and octopus, boats and letterforms.

Mr. Kurniawan cites the Tiny Showcase under his friends section. Take a look at their goals, art and artists. Very cool idea.

Can you imagine snow? Halloween has yet to happen...and the poor little children with their snow boots and flying slush does not a magical halloween make. Figured out the bluetooth configurations on this computer yesterday to my delight (and frustration). It is stunning how macintosh computers are sold with not much more than the cords you need to plug the machine in with. Instructions? Thank goodness for the help buttons and all the data on the web to walk you through the possible channels and problems out there.

Busy fighting the fight today--trying to smother the feelings of stupidity and frustration I am experiencing from the state of the world. Now we have nuclear bombs. If it was bad before, now we have bombs, propositions to boys, failing economy, education for the rich,no healthcare and this fruitless war. Things must change.

Influences Start With A Letter

Ronald Kurniawan
Oil and acrylic on wood
24" x 36"

From Nucleus Gallery, 30 West Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801