lab work : v.3

Lab illustration, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalClient loves dogs. I love dogs. Here is the second holiday animal card due this eek. There is a bit more tweaking with the dog, but this gets us close enough for conversation. 

Lots of work around color palettes for the other client along with some mini meetings on covers of brochures and on newsletters. I have a 1 hr meeting about a masthead I can fully wait for…as this dy seems to be back to back with little time to do anything…So, I wanted to post this just to say hey… and get back to you later with any news that is fit to be printed.

Tburg is sucking up the leaves by the side of the road today. Shady Grove is snoring…and Mr. white has snuggled down inbetween my papers and is  making all sorts of throaty sounds trying to steer clear of the Emperor of the Cats and the fights he likes to draw poor Mr. White into.

More later.