Spin Out.

Tulip Riot, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5Farmers Market meeting was good yesterday. We are planning on a monthly community dish to pass “Community Potluck Picnic in the Pavillion” on the first Tuesday of every month…at least through the summer so we are talking 3-4 events. That will need a poster, but I am good with that. Should be a nice illo…picnic illo. Maybe I can even try to make it pretty. Imagine!

We are also ramping up the decision making on our Saturday experiments at the Market. We are introducing a Saturday market 5 times this summer—as a trial balloon to see if there is traction beyond Wednesdays. We worked out many of the details—including some great music (Judy Hyman in September!). A board member is interested in tagging a contra dance after one of the Saturday market. Lots of great energy here.  I am hoping for the absolute best!

We have heavy grey clouds in the sky. Looks like a day of rain today. The farmers need it. As long as there is no freeze, we will take it. It was so glorious picking up my share at Good Life Farm in Interlaken. Melissa and Garrett’s property is planted beautifully with crops cut by rows of fruit trees…and these gorgeous farm buildings interspersed….complete with a peek of the blue lake in the background. Asparaganza is at Good Life tomorrow with lots of excitement around it. Should be a fun late afternoon with Melissa and Garrett with games(!), food from the amazing locals, and cider tasting from my friends at Redbyrd.

I spent some time with Trevor MacDonald, MacDonald Farms yesterday. New opportunity! MacDonald Farm has been making Probiotic pickles, sauerkraut and other delicacies since 1972. They have an excellent product, are known locally, and have something many other do not have, probiotic pickles—not “canned” pickles (made with vinegar). So we have tasty food with healthy qualities. We have history. We have a great story. Now all we need to do is shine it up. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

More later. Alex needs to be tended to.