Up, up and away: Swissair's 1960s hankerchiefs

The Swiss have a reputation for producing gorgeous printing on hankerchiefs. What a better way to promote a national airline than with noteworthy, keepers—hankerchiefs to commemorate one’s trip? The exotica of travel from cowboys to Andes natives, from bagpipes to more cowboys—from pretty to actually serving as a menu—Swissair covered the bases with hankies. Please take a look— I will keep searching. Kudos to Flashbak for their lively article .

I particularly love the bottom row—they remind me of Evaline Ness, (April 24, 1911 – August 12, 1986)—a fashion illustrator for Saks who evolved into a children’s book illustrator in her later years. The work was experimental, texture-y and very active.

a little fabulous flying music concurrent with these hankies!!

Cat Alert

Lubok Cat, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalHarumph. Working away at branding stuff. Was quite pleased during the conversation with the consultant that my work (self propelled) was put out there for the consultant to review as how to take a concept further. Also pleased that the due diligence on the palettes were also referenced for them as well. I would have done the work for my client if I were in the hot seat for this branding stuff, but these guys definitely march to a different drummer than I do. Different motivations, bigger teams, bigger billings and from that (from my ant’s eye view) higher expectations from the client…but this is the element of the equation that goes south. It is an interesting process that I have chosen to act as a design advocate for my clients versus the self proclaimed victim of something that was imposed on me waiting for someone else to throw the first hammer at the proposed work. And so it goes.

The cat is done in illustrator/ working with the new and wonderful blob brush. The blob brush (shift b) is a brush that creates a shape (not a vector that looks like a shape) that you can grow or erase out of…more intuitive than the pen. To my thinking, its working with a speedball round pen. Wonderful tool…just trying to get my way with it. am working the sloppy color as the Lubki prints are random…and using some brights just to see where they can go. I am jazzed as its vector immediately so scaleable etc. etc. Trying to get a handle on some techniques as the going big with the Hangar posters really did a lot of teaching re what works for this challenge of illustration/and to some degree identifying the theatre. I will be working this way for a bit, just to see where it takes me.

It is lunch time already. I ordered Alex’s Sausage fest shirts online (cheap) at cheaptees.org yesterday and am thinking holiday thoughts in advance of our meeting. Gotta go.