solid blacks

Scanning around in the world of Memento Mori and have found some great type samples I will use as my model for some of the lettering I plan on messing around with in the psychotic Book of Kells mode. I like the naive thicks and thins...and think I may try to not just render the forms, but look at adding the incision to the forms. We'll see. The nice thing about the words MEMENTO MORI is that I will not have to design 11 letters but 7...and as M and N are derivative, and I and T are knocks things down...albeit, there might be a ligature or one of those funny letters that ascend? The gravestones commonly show the word "Ye" as a Y with the e nested in the V of the letter Y. Very cute.

Also am planning to cut a bunch of silhouettes and shapes with some nice black paper R surfaced in out neatening and throwing during the weekend. I am also trying out some big ink shapes that I will bring into photoshop/illustrator and cut into digitally. The nice thing that happens the "hand" still exists...not so perfect--a bit wobbly, so the digification is not so apparent... I also plan to work on some line art and merge it with the cut silhouettes as there might be something there as well (red and blackware from Greece as a prod or advertising art of the late 50s and 60s...). Just a thought.

The double portrait logotype will finish up today. Done. May work on a new typographic mark for Glass Lab...a portable glass studio that is going to start travelling the world for art shows--simple applications like teeshirts and a hand out rack style card.

Got my holiday cards (I am selling) back from PSPrint. Color was a little brighter than what I had anticipated (but really not to the detriment of the illustration along with snappy red envelopes I am going to package them with. Got some pale blue envelopes for the dog holiday card (thinking of selling) and orange ones to go with the "High on Life" skull card I am planning on producing. The holiday cards are being sold in sets of 6 for $9...or $8.50. The dog cards will be more (they are bigger)--probably around $2.25 each or sets of 6 for $12. High on life card will be $2. each. All for the Art Trail party.

Also, will need to get the work to the SPCA show later this week. I think we are on to something with these clip frames with images that are full bleed. And the checque to the State of the Art Gallery for the Art Trail intro show. Biz-ee.

Need to go wake the kinder up>> the day awaits>