Saturday catch up

Big news. The portrait I did of Jiri Harcuba for the Masters of Studio Glass Show at the Corning Museum of Glass just got accepted into Illustration 52 (a juried competition sponsored by the Society of Illustrators, NY).I am delighted. This is the third year (last year was the Willow head from the Memento Mori work, the year previously, was the Chicken Chokers Poster). To be honest, I was fretting a bit on this one. My friend, the very talented and smart, Lori Ann Levy Holm emailed me earlier this week that she got a piece in the 52 and had gotten the phone call. I didnt get any call...and was being calm about some years you get in, some years you don't. Despite the fact that my head was rationalizing it, and integrating it into the push forward, to keep going, to keep heart was reluctantly following. But, yesterday around 3 p.m. the call came, and they happily told me the great news. Hurray!

Kitty is plugging away on the college stuff. Alex is out with friends and Rob is asleep. I have a cranberry sauce done, potatoes cooked and an apple tart finished and cooling. Gloria is back from California and we will have an early Thanksgiving with the family tonight.

Alex just called. He missed the bus in Ithaca, and could I please come down to pick him up. I guess I have no choice.

More later.

cold here

Just bundled up a few confabs of bits and pieces. I figure if today is mid January and Valentines Day is mid Feb, another week of whaling on love et cetera is okay. I do have a printer deadline to one more week and then I need to choose and go. I was, in my dreamy haze, thinking about type, about type bars integrated with images that could be a nice part to go with these pictures. I def have a bee one. Want to do another that really focuses on the skep. I would like to do a bird one and another a rabbit one. Am getting pretty excited by the methodology that evolving from the inked drawings to scan. Then, the scan becomes scrap, like chapbook scrap that I can monkey with> clip from> add to and recreate new imagery from. Plus, as it is all out of my hand, it all goes together. I have been pouring over floral catalogs and thinking about how that integrates with my valentines.

Need to get on some logo designs that a client needs in another week or so. Need to get some kid work done (scheduling, research etc). Things are slowly winding up--and by the end of the month, we will be in full swing.

Got a great book on Jose Guadalupe Posada ( Jose Guadalupe Posada, Ilustrador de Cuadernos Populares) from Alibris yesterday. First off, I have discovered this new art publisher in Mexico who puts out extrordinary books with beautiful production (Editorial RM, Mexico). The style and level reminds me of the old beauty, FMR (Franco Maria Ricci) my absolute favorite mid nineties magazine from Italy with wonderful eccentric content, all beautifully printed, designed and written. Many of the images are silhouetted on a matte black field so the extrodinary nature of the images, the objects are showcased. This is a little book that focuses on Posada's non political work, his more domestic, softer content--chapbooks, songbooks, advertisements. As it says in the translated Introduction:

"In fact, we preserve a more initimate Jose Guadalupe Posada, a master illustrator concerned witht he commercial appeal of this covers, a skilled publicist and forerunners of Mexican graphic design, who took pains to win overe a broad sectior of the population and made it possilbe to acquire a beautiful engraving for a few centavos".

With all the significant writing translated for us--I look forward to absorbing this in the next week or so. Time is moving fast. Need to go.

more news from 3x3

Hello Q
We're putting together the next issue of 3x3 Magazine and I would like to invite you to be in our Showcase.

Spots in our Showcase are by invitation only so I spend a great deal of my time looking at work and selecting specific artists to include in the section. As one artist put it, "Its much more like a curated show." which is the feeling I like to give to the section.

If you're not familiar with 3x3 in addition to our three featured artists we feature 4-6 illustrators whose work has caught my eye. Each artist is represented with a spread in the magazine, a short bio, list of clients and contact information. I personally select my favorite images to be used in the spread, either from your web site or you may send additional images for consideration, all you need to provide is your short bio and list of clients.

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