Lapine Heraldry?

Lapine Heraldry, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink (sharpies)Inspired by the golden stump work, the red gold jackets with bumblebee stripes on the footmen, the hats, the heraldry, the flowers, union jack, golden stripes, satin rosettes, and high stepping glossy horses— I rolled through yesterday indulged in all things British—inspired by the full visual splendor that the English excell at. Did you see all the tassels on belts, on ties, on bunting, with draperies? Golden tassels shining in the sunshine. I loved all the carved crowns and laurel wreathes, the top of Charles and Camilla’s carriage—a mass of golden sculpture, the pristine courtyards and the politesse of the admiring crowds (albeit dressed and painted as it it was Super Bowl Sunday). It makes me want to go all Anglophile and whip out italic handwriting with heraldic gouache paintings.However, in the interest of my time being consumed by the yearbook, you get the dashed out picture of heraldic bunnies which I think may evolve a bit more. It think they are funny. Now the big question is what goes in the shield. Carrots? a chick? chicken? eggs? Or perhaps a beehive? or a house in the country or even a leaping rabbit (a  la stag leaping)? I love all this stuff. Now the question is how to take it to the country? or the barnyard to make it a fusion.

I am five pages away from being done with the yearbook. Divine. I am chugging away on the chicken illustration (held by a little boy) and a limited (truly limited…4 shades of grey including black as one of them). The little boy has a very tricky patterned shirt and a crew cut which the tigerteeth could not really capture. So, thanks the tricks my friend Chad Grohman taught me about work paths, I was able to fuse photographic with handdrawn. As an aside, take a look at what Chad is working on these days. This guy is soooooo excellent and inspiring. I want to be as good as Chad when I grow up.

I have a few illos for the Museum of Glass and find myself doing illustration for the big client too!

Tomorrow, we go to Rochester to look for evening clothes for the younger Mr. Cassetti. I actually cooked last night (knocked off at 8:30) making 2 quiche and a big batch of granola that the boss said was a good one, a batch that confirmed I had lost my mojo. The work has just been so tremendous, I am sad to say that cooking and  house related work has fallen by the wayside. Soon…I hope…soon.