In Five Months, the Earth will be destroyed

End Times : The Time is Near, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and inkFrom the From Columbus Dispach:

The latest warning comes from radio evangelist Harold Camping, who has “deciphered” a complicated biblical code that reveals that Jesus will return to Earth on May 21.

Camping, based in California, says that Jesus will take a select group of believers to heaven with him (that’s the Rapture), and everybody else will be out of luck. Five months later, the Earth will be destroyed.

Countdown continues. The good anticipate the future. We evil one  go about the day to day. When the big escalator drops down from the clouds, and the chosen ones ascend, what do you say to firing up the grill and  swearing a bit just to get warmed up. Felicia’s Atomic Lounge is doing a Rapture Party for those of us left here on this spinning orb>>  Wonderful Amelia Sauter speaks of the Rapture today in the Ithaca Post>> My little celebration is ink driven (and burning down the lovely photo blue verithin pencils).

Here is the End Time Timeline>

MSN on the Final Stretch>

I am listening to the newest Tracy Chavalier’s “Remarkable Creatures” while I work. Tracy Chavalier has written a wonderful series of books with the most recognized one being “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”. This book jumps off of the life and work of Mary Anning. an untrained Englishwoman who has been recognized for her discovery of the first complete icthyosaur and plesiosaur fossils. Its a wonderful tale  told from two points of view, that of Mary Anning and a fictional  spinster and mentor to Mary, Elizabeth Philpot.  “Remarkable Creatures” is a good companion with the little thises and thats I keep throwing out the door.

There is more to revise and time is ticking away. Not much time for me to babble on today.