I think I like this piece better as a line piece...The color beats it up a bit.

Busy at the office. Busy at home. Don Hair cutting down all the frightfully dead trees on Camp Street to eliminate the scare of having a tree fall down on a pedestrian during the wicked rain storms we have. He also chipped up all the piles of twigs, weeds and garden stuff on the property. He cut one swathe of forsythia to the ground allowing us a new vista and view into the yard. We are opening up the vegetative clutter to better see beyond the front of the "stage". We now have a middle ground and a background as well.

Having the floors finished in the room next to the kitchen and in the powder room we are putting into the rental. David and Tim are also rebuilding/reconstructing/restoring(?) the pump house as it is falling apart. We discovered a 9' x5'deep cistern beneath the pump (full of water) so we are ready to go right now. Now we will have a watersource in that part of the garden...no pressure, but that is what the pump is about. The back quadrant is looking quite spiffy and tidy. New vistas, less limbs, less hard scrabble privettie mess.

Need to get on the Society of Illustrators Annual 52 entries. I think it will be portraits and valentines. Maybe a few of these Frakturs for fun. Dunno. Am enjoying the fraktur exercise. Have a swan/bird one in the works as well as the beginning of the little man (yesterday). Need to put him in a field/with some birds and maybe his house?

Rob is home unwell. No trip to Europe due to his not feeling 100%.