Pink, purple and blue with a crashing surf greets us this morning. Plans are finally shaping up. We will spend one more night here at the Hermosa Beach House visiting with Gloria and Lisa. We had a nice dinner last night with interesting people who have wonderful world views on everything from music to politics, the stock market to competitive ballroom dancing. The most famous of the guests was Digby, a political blogger who is engaged on a national scale of blogging, opinion and messaging. Digby has been a friend of Gloria and Lisa since the early days, has grown in recognition and readership not only by individuals but by policy wonks and more. Digby is known for summing up President Bush's declaration of victory on that aircraft carrier referring to him as "Commander Codpiece"--among many sharp prods at the current administration. Digby has roots in Alaska--so you can imagine the insight on Governor Palin and Todd. The big phrase was "watch out" as the Governor is quite the force from Alaska and that this is not the end of it with her.

We met some lovely twins last night...both who are applying to college with one having a strong interest in glass and glassmaking. They have an industrial arts teacher who built an entire glass studio for the students (A. was surprised it was outside)--which really got her it was interesting to hear about how these sisters were pursuing college (taking notes), pursuing their interests, sharing a beat up car and talking about funny family members. We also met a nice college freshman from the neighborhood who has a scholarship to a womens college in Missouri that specializes in equestrian studies. She is busy riding for the school along with pursuing studies in barn management/ equestrian management. This is the sort of program that is four years with an extra one to get a masters in the same topic. It seems she is going to take it to that level. She rides (as does the twins) with Gloria at the same public equestrian facility in Palos Verdes. What an interesting group of people.

Then, tomorrow off to Pasadena for the Huntington and the Gamble House. One night there. Then back to Century City/Westwood/Beverly Hills for more museums (the Car Museum, the new Grammy Awards Museum, and exploration of downtown and maybe Japantown). We cannot dose the teenagers with the number of museums their parents like/want to see...and a little down time with their Aunties is a good thing.