Just had a blended Mother's Day and birthday luncheon chez Sheldrake for Kitty and my mother in law. Rob's bday is this week as is Kitty's party for her friends. So party central.

Thrilled that I ordered a big stretched valentine (36" x 48") as a sample. Also have buttons coming for the show. Need to finish my paper (this pm is the hope) and get to an editor this week. Need to finish the octopus, and a few others. Plus with the new Flora/Tinkelman/Provensen/ Tim Biskup inspired work, there might be a floradora valentine to finish the set...pointing the way to new styles, new approaches.. Have always wanted to do a series of totem poles with these wiggly guys...so this might be the answer or one of the approaches. I have a month to do one more. I think I might be able to pull this one off.

Gotta get going. The stink on this dog is enough to curl your toes. She must have rolled in something extrordinarily dead. And her scent really projects. Sounds like bath time!