Back at it. Setting em up. Knocking em down. Showed the thesis work to Murray and Mr. Andersen last week with good insights and reviews. Need to do a bit more hand lettering. Need to redraw the octopus from the good push from Murray "you are not loving your line" and "remember, as forms move away from the trunk, they taper" and he was right. Totally. So, the octopus gets a redraw, letters to be done...and need to find a resource as Doug Andersen suggested one or two of the pieces go up in size. I have already scaled up the Sweetheart piece (and probably the double snakes) to 30" x 40" which will be the centerpiece around which 2 groups of 4 will be hung. There may be more valentines in the paper/thesis proper...but 10 pieces for the show is fine.
I will have a valentine for San Francisco and a Memento Mori one that says "Forever".

Work awaits. Erich is out sick.