Nice party last night. I think as Kitty is winding up her high school years, I am beginning to get the hang of this. The subs/chips/iced tea, mess of cut of fruit (on bright plastic trays), salsa and the like was just the ticket. It all went in...and very little leftover. It might have been nice to have a dessert but I worked until the party started. Kitty and Alex were remarkable before,during and after the party--taking my to do list and doing it all. Plus, they were good as a pair of hosts and had a great time themselves. Kudos all around. There was a small issue with that troublesome toilet upstairs that overflowed (second time in a year) and I had to be a remote plumbers assistant with Rob directing from Corning as he had to work late. The guests all chipped in and we were back in action quickly. There was accapella singing by the group with amazing harmonizing. There was piano playing. Board games came out with Battleship and Twister taking our guests attention. We had water pistols and bubbles outside. All the towels,dishes and pots used are now washed and put away. I am happy it went without a hitch. Now for the "distance team" party that Master Cassetti is planning. Sausage and ultimate frisbee...(and we have the back 40 to accomodate this).And Alex is actually driving this. Not me pushing its all good.

My output (36"x48")came! Looks big. Looks GREAT. So. Thesis exhibition as stretched output is back on. 2 of the biggies (the black and white heart and one of the bees) and 8 of the smaller ones at either 12x 16 or 18 x 24. Bigger than original plan..but it really is strong and very exhibitionisty--nothing precious which is exactly the spirit I want. This work is not labored but bold, and pow. The display should do that.

I figured out how to do my "special" add to the thesis yesterday. I am not telling you what this is until I have the end product which I must admit really, really rocks. Trust me. I am getting them done for Hartford as a way of showcasing this online resource; being the first one out of the gate (the Na Na!stuff), and thinking this out before I go live. There is something here...I just need to be a bit strategic about it.

I continue to get charged about the post Hartford body of work I was stressing about. Why was I stressing? Well, its important for me to know what's next--and know that the old stuff isn't necessarily done. Its done for now, but revisiting is in the cards. So, I was worrying it...and decided to flip back to the vectors for a series of portraits of my friends and kids and their friends a la Holbein. If you have been reading this blog for a while, he pops up occasionally--so I should dive onto him and hug him for real.

Am working on finishing up the labels and menus for the rollout of the new StoneCat Cafe logotype. There is some packaging for the line sausages that clever Scott has developed (a juniper maple one, a misto masala one and I cannot remember the other), for the their canned goods, their fresh herbed breadcrumbs, their smoking chips and a line of cocoa and tasting squares I am also doing an illo for (from Scott and Jess's sketch and idea). Its all looking very nice. The went with Saracen as the font ( as sort of decorative face (which, thanks to Mr. Tinkelman--I am wandering into as this decorative thing seems to leak a bit into the corporate Q.). Its great.

This weekend there are haircuts and very little else planned except for the magnificent Memorial Day parade in Tburg which Alex must "march" in with his sax.